About me

Sports, travelling and learning are my passion. Our world is so colorful and exciting that it would be a luxury not to explore everything that we can about it, so I am constantly educating myself in several fields. I am always looking for new challenges and I am not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone so all in all I love living life to the fullest. Of course life doesn’t always give you the surprizes you were looking for, but I think everything happens for a reason.

Such a surprize was when a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with vitiligo – an autoimmune skin disease. It took me a long time to come to terms with this condition but looking back I found it was not by chance this happened to me – as many times before – it was the birth of a new passion!

Truth be told I made a lot of research on vitiligo but always with the same result: there is no cure! I panicked of course and panic only made my health conditions worse so I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be my own enemy, I need to reduce stress in my life! This might sound easy to some, but you just can’t put a disease on the shelf and not think about it…

I started doing sports to gain more strength and stamina and I started to feel better. With my mind cleared it was easier to make the decision: I need to change the way how I think of my life. The next step was obvious. After sports it has to be nutrition and diet. First I stopped with white sugar, gluten and dairy products, and later I changed completely to a vegan (mostly raw vegan) lifestyle.

I started to feel better both mentally and physically but also something unexpected happened… Expert opinions left little space for hope about my condition but despite all these opinions my symptoms slightly started to fade.

Healthy diet and physical activities became an integral part of my everyday life but I still had no solution for skincare products.

I completely devoted myself to research filling up all my free time. I tested an endless number of different products when I realized I should be creating my own body and skincare products that not only match my personal preferences but are also in line with my new lifestyle. This is my greatest challange even to this day but eversince I know it is not impossible my original idea became a rather larger mission: I would like to share the results of my work with others!

I believe that changing only one aspect of your life is not enough just like a single product can’t give you the solution to a problem. Changing your lifestyle is a longterm decision that sometimes takes months or even years to show results but this journey is a worthwhile experience.