The perfect match of consciousness and exclusivity.

Az ANITATOTH számunkra több, mint egy kozmetikai márka. Filozófiánkat leginkább sajátos, Hexentials rendszerünk foglalja magába, melyet az alapvető értékeink és elveink együttállása alkot. Ezekhez ragaszkodunk valamennyi munkafolyamatunk során, egyúttal visszatükröződnek magukban a termékekben is.

Our concept

ANITATOTH is living proof that exclusivity and consciousness is the perfect match when it comes to a high-end beauty brand. Based on the foundations of a healthy and mindful lifestyle, our products are designed to heal and nurture the body, whilst providing long-lasting hydration for glowing, healthy skin. We only use the highest concentration of organic and natural ingredients within our formulations.

Our promise

Our mission is to offer health enthusiasts a luxurious yet stripped back regime which contains skincare products you actually need. Each of these products can be used in a few comprehensible steps; less is more when it comes to the skin.

Our philosophy

Hexentials / hex•en•tials /:

Conscious. Organic. Pure. Niche. Timeless. Transparent

ANITATOTH is more than your everyday cosmetics brand, which is why it’s so difficult to describe our brand ethos in one sentence.

Hexentials embodies our core philosophy; a unique synergy of values and beliefs which are reflected throughout our luxurious product range.

“…Az életmód teljes átalakítása egy hosszútávú elköteleződés, ugyanakkor mindezzel egy olyan kalandba vághatunk bele, amelynek jótékony és pozitív hatásai egész életünkön át elkísérnek.” – Tóth Anita


Our founder

Our founder, Anita delved into the world of cosmetics as a result of her desire to create a pure yet high-quality skincare brand which complimented her lifestyle. Efficacy, quality and purity were of the uttermost importance to her. Thus, our story begins…