Hexentials / hex•en•tials /:

Conscious. Organic. Pure. Niche. Timeless. Transparent.

ANITATOTH is more to us than an everyday cosmetics brand, which is why it’s so difficult to describe our brand ethos in one sentence.
Hexentials embodies our core philosophy; a unique synergy of values and beliefs which are reflected throughout our brand and luxurious product range.


It is our mission is to help you choose effective natural skincare whilst also leading and following a conscious lifestyle. Changing one aspect of your life isn’t enough, just as one single product won’t give you the solution to all your problems.

Overhauling your lifestyle is a long-term commitment that can take months or even years to yield results; the journey can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your life. With a greater understanding of yourself and your inner thoughts and feelings, you can take actions that benefit not only you but those around you too.

A conscious lifestyle will not only help the environment, but it’ll also provide a host of benefits for your health too.


’Organic skincare’ may be the buzzword of the moment and a term many brands use, but there is so much more to it than just a label.

We are committed to using organic ingredients which benefit not only your skin but your body too. We will never make promises or health claims we can’t adhere to.

Our entire product range will only contain the highest quality natural and organic ingredients which are jam packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to restore and hydrate the skin.

What makes an ingredient organic? It’s simple; high quality, organically farmed ingredients which haven’t been sprayed with harmful ingredients and pesticides. Organic ingredients won’t damage the skin or cause any irritation.


As a conscious brand the power of high quality, organic ingredients and the role they play support your overall health.

One should be mindful of what you’re putting on the skin. We will never include these harmful ingredients in our formulations: parabens, PEGs, mineral oils, paraffin oils, waxes, petrolatum, petroleum and vazelin.

Beauty should never come at the cost of the environment; we will never test our products on animals.


A natural organic cosmetics brand can be transformative, yet niche too. Naturality can represent high quality; one only has to think about the textures, scents, ingredients and packaging.

The result is a skincare product which is elegant and sophisticated on the outside, yet pure and understated on the inside.


Skincare trends come and go, but we wanted to created products that stand the test of the time. The ANITATOTH product line is designed to become a permanent fixture of your skincare routine, regardless of age.

Our plant-based formulations contain natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years as a result of their healing and nourishing properties. We use science and technology to harness the power of these restorative ingredients into a wholesome yet results-driven product range.

Timeless and iconic packaging is extremely important to us. In addition to making a stylish addition to your bathroom cabinet, our unique hexagonal bottles incorporate airless technology to preserve product freshness while minimising oxidisation and external contamination.


Harmful ingredients are not included within our product range.  All our products are handcrafted with the finest natural, organic and unrefined non-GMO ingredients. The result? Efficacious, high quality formulations which are proven to brighten and improve the appearance of your skin.

We are transparent from the very beginning of the formulation process, right until the end of the production line.