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Emotions, scents, feelings – these are just a few of the things that sum up the festive season for us. And the same goes for skincare too…  

Our moisturising body lotions contain a whole host of active and organic ingredients to protect and replenish, thus supporting skin health.

Our new luxurious Balancing Soap Bar is designed to cleanse, nourish and retivalise the skin. The result? Velvety smooth skin. The six symbols that embody our key brand values can be found on the soap bar and accompanying dish.  This beautiful new soap dish was designed  by the talented ceramic artist, Tünde Ruzicska.

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  • The Balancing Soap Bar is designed to remove dirt and excess sebum whilst supporting the skin’s natural renewal process.
  • The argan oil in the Soap Bar regulates sebum production making it the perfect choice for oily, dry and combination skin.
  • The soap contains a unique blend of hydrating shea butter, soothing babassu oil, anti-inflammatory ucuuba butter and glow-giving cherry seed oil. One of a kind!
  • The shea butter and jojoba oil in our Body Lotions penetrate deep into the epidermis to provide long-lasting hydration whilst enhancing skin elasticity.
  • The addition of Cacao butter increases circulation and maintains the natural pH levels of the skin for a natural glow.
  • The body lotions also contain Baobab oil which is jam packed with oleic and linoleic acids, Omegas 3, 6 and 9 as well as Vitamins – A, C, D, E and K to help support natural collagen production for healthier looking skin.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly looking to evolve and improve as a business by sourcing sustainable alternatives to save the planet’s precious resources and wildlife.

If you want to join our mission, you can send your ANITATOTH packaging back to us free of charge so that we can recycle these materials on your behalf. Please contact us on hello@anitatoth.com for further information.


The six key brand values which embody ANITATOTH and the handcrafted works of Tünde Ruzicska merge into one, in this Limited Edition Christmas set. The beautiful ceramic dish is designed to combine the classic, timeless, and traditional elements which are so important to us as a brand.

Designed with our brand identity in mind, this soap dish is made of high-fired white porcelain which has been covered with a transparent glaze.  The front of the dish has been burnt with a light gold emblem; we wanted our branding to be reflected in an elegant and pure way to create a unity between the raw, natural materials and this complex craft.

“I believe design communicates a process that embodies the creator and the materials used. I merge traditional handcrafted pottery and contemporary works together when creating my designs. I am inspired by the continual harmony of shapes, surfaces, functions and technology. I create objects by freehand and firmly believe that handmade objects guide us as a result of their timeless values. ” Tünde Ruzicska, ceramic artist

How is the ANITATOTH porcelain soap dish made?

The raw materials of porcelain unite the power of nature and its natural flow. A blend of kaolin, feldspar and quartz are poured into the gypsum moulds; these unique shapes are then individually hand-carved and shaped by Tünde Ruzicska, so that the size and shape can be accurately replicated.

After casting and retouching, comes the process of firing. First is the initiation, i.e. the sonorous firing, which is required to transform the fragility of the moulds at 960 degree Celsius. It is at this point that the glaze layer  (a mixture of naturally occurring quartz and aluminum silicates) can be applied. The porcelain must be fired again at 1240 degree Celsius.The end result is a shiny white, compact porcelain material.

A handcrafted product of this calibre involves dedication, knowledge and patience.